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MIGRATE (Massive Integration of Power Electronics Devices)

The Ecole Nationale d’Arts et Metiers (ENSAM) and the French TSO RTE (both MEDEE founding members) are among the partners of this ambitious European project MIGRATE.

By 2020, several areas of the HVAC pan-European transmission system will be operated with extremely high penetrations of Power Electronics (PE) due to renewable electricity. This will result in :

  • Growing dynamic stability issues for the power system (possibly a new major barrier against future renewable penetration)
  • The necessity to upgrade existing protection schemes
  • Measures to mitigate the resulting degradation of power quality due to harmonics propagation.


European TSOs have joined to address such challenges with manufacturers (Alstom, Enercon, Schneider Electric) and universities/research centres.

The EPM-Lab platform – located in Lille and managed by the L2EP laboratory – is used in MIGRATE. It allows to study the impact of electronic power converters on networks including the interaction between DC grids and alternating current networks.

More information on the Distributed Energy Platform

Period : 2016 – 2019

Budget : €18M

More information on MIGRATE :

Official WebsiteProject on CORDIS


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