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H2020 project: A new project on e-mobility coordinated by the University of Lille !

A new Panda is born on the campus of “Cité Scientifique” of University of Lille (MEDEE member)!

PANDA : Power Advanced N-Level Digital Architecture for models of electri-fied vehicles and components

PANDA is a RIA (Research & Innovation Action) funded by the H2020 framework programme of the European Union. PANDA is composed of 11 partners from 6 countries, under the coordination of Prof. Alain Bouscayrol (L2EP, University of Lille).

PANDA aims to develop an innovative cloud-based organisation of models of components of electrified vehicles for seamless simulation, integration and testing of various innovative vehicle concepts. Real vehicles (Battery Electric Vehicle, Fuel-Cell Vehicle and Hybrid Electric Vehicle) will be considered in that objective.

This disruptive model organisation should speed-up the development of electrified vehicles for reducing the greenhouse gases due to mobility while increasing the competiveness of European companies on the automotive sector within the framework of Industry 4.0.

  • TRL2 to TRL5
  • Total budget: 3.48 M€.
  • Starting date: 1 December 2018.
  • Duration: 3 years.

Download the PDF presentation

PANDA project and Cluster MEDEE

PANDA was officially supported by the Cluster MEDEE through its Scientific Committee.

The cluster MEDEE team helped Pr. Alain Bouscayrol setting-up this project (call for project analysis, project reviews, etc.).

Pr. Alain Bouscayrol (L2EP, University of Lille) is particularly involved in the Cluster MEDEE as he is the R&D MEDEE topic “Mobility based on advanced and innovative ElectroTechnologies” Head.

PANDA, quiet strength towards greener mobility!

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