EPM Lab platform

The EPM Lab platform is led by the L2EP laboratory.
It aims at implementing a powerful experimental tool to study the new devices and new behaviors of electrical networks.
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EPM Lab is an innovative environment organized around AC or DC smart-grids. It is able to simulate in real-time modes, virtual power plants and real renewable sources in different type of conditions. It serves as a teaching and research aid in the studies on the coordination of multi-sources energy production.

This platform also allows to study the impact of electronic power converters on networks including the interaction between DC grids and alternating current networks.

This platform has been attracting a lot of interest and has been used as a research tool in several European projects such as the H2020 Migrate Project “The Massive Integration of Power Electronics Devices”.

It aims at allowing access to a bigger number of industrial users, contact us !EPM Lab is located in Lille and managed by the L2EP laboratory, one of the MEDEE founding member.