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10th Energetic Macroscopic Representation (EMR) International Summer School

The 10th EMR (Energetic Macroscopic Representation) international summer school has been organized by University of Lille 1 (France) from the 19th to 21st June 2017. ng center » de l’Université).

“Modelling and control using EMR, for Hybrid / Electric Vehicles and other applications”

EMR’17 in figures :

  • 63 attendees
  • From 8 countries
  • 5 lectures on concepts / 14 on applications
  • 3 simulation sessions: an electric vehicle, a wind energy conversion system and a photovoltaic conversion system
  • 1 practice session on the control of a real electric drive

EMR’17 has been supported by :

Scientific organizations: IEEE-VTS, EPE Association, ESPESA, MEGEVH, SEEDS

Technological clusters: MEDEE, CARNOT-ARTS

Industrial companies: dSPACE France, Typhoon HIL

What is EMR (Energetic Macroscopic Representation) ?

Developed in 2000 by the control team of L2EP Lille of University Lille1, EMR is a graphical formalism to interconnect models of systems composed of different physical domains. It enables an easy analysis of the global system behaviour and a systematic deduction of its control organization.

EMR is now taught in more than 9 countries and is more and more used in industry (PSA Peugeot Citroën, Siemens, Valeo, SNCF – French national railway company -, etc.).


  • Electric/hybrid vehicles
  • Renewable energy conversions systems, including electrical and electromechanical conversion systems
  • Many different other systems

EMR’17 Photos :

EMR Summer School History :

The EMR summer school has been initiated by Prof. Alain Bouscayrol (L2EP, Univ Lille1, Head of R&D MEDEE topic Mobility based on advanced and innovative ElectroTechnologies) in 2006. Since 2011, the EMR summer school is organized the odd years in Lille (France) and the even years in other countries (Canada, China, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland in the past).

EMR in 10 years in figures :

  • 56.4 attendees per year
  • 18 countries represented in total
  • 128 applications presented in total

Since 2011, credits are delivered to Master and PhD students by University of Lille1 and/or the partner university.

The next EMR summer school will take place in Hanoi (Vietnam) in June 2018.

More information on Official Website

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