Mobility based on advanced and innovative ElectroTechnologies

More and more electrical sub-systems are implemented in mobile systemz, from low-power mobile devices (e.g. Smartphones) to high-power transportation systems (e.g. high-speed train). Thanks to their high efficiencies, these electrical sub-systems enable a low consumption of the global system while ensuring high static and dynamical performances. Moreover, they handle an important flexibility and contribute to develop new functionalities. Their increasing developments lead to contribute to more sustainable and efficient systems.

These electrical sub-systems are generally composed of an energy storage, power electronics, an electrical machine, their control and an energy management strategy. Within a more global system, they handle important performances only if they are managed in a “System approach” with high interaction with the other sub-systems.

Within the frame of mobile applications, innovative electrical sub-systems should be developed in order to ensure:

  • more efficient charging sub-systems,
  • higher energy-density storage devices with longer lifetime,
  • more reliable and more efficient electric drives,
  • more optimized energy management strategies.

The applications will be developed from low to high power :

  • new generation mobile devices (energy harvesting Smartphones, tablets, etc.)
  • light electric vehicles (eBike, segway, eScooter, etc.)
  • appareils electric and hybrid cars and trucks
  • low-consumption subways, tranways and trains
  • more electric aircrafts and ships.

Some of our industrial partners involved :

Rio Tinto, ThyssenKrupp Electrical Steel, Green International Isoligth, EOMYS, Flipo Richir et FAVI.

Our R&D axes