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The Green Motor Project

Let’s go back in time and focus on this pioneer and ambitious project that is still (and maybe even more) relevant today!

The Green Motor Project: An Efficient Motor with Low Environmental Impact

Designed on the basis of a conventional motor, this induction machine connected to the grid provides the same power output as the machines we know. It has undergone technological and mechanical improvements that significantly reduce its impact on the environment :

  • Innovative design of the magnetic circuit and low friction ball bearings to improve energy efficiency
  • Plastic parts from agrochemicals that use renewable resources
  • Thermoglued coils, made with UV-enamelled wire, manufactured without solvent (low environmental impact)
  • Need analysis method in order to propose motors taking into account environmental footprint (with a deep life cycle analysis) and to show the rapid return on investment

The consumption of electric motors currently accounts for 70% of the total electrical energy consumed in industry. In this context, any improvement in energy efficiency in electric motor can have major impacts on the energy costs supported by the industry !

The Green Motor has proved a 1,5% improvement and two patents have been registered (in particular on the “gain oriented electrical steel”)

Applications ?

All types of electrical machines: domestic purposes (suction systems, washing machines, etc.) or industrial (pumps, fans, complex machines, etc.).

An Outstanding Prototype

Objectives of the research led in the Green Motor Project :

  • To give electric motors design engineers the possibility to integrate the concept of eco-design into their approach
  • To propose new solutions to manufacture high efficiency electric motors that are more economical in terms of raw materials.

Funders :

  • ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) project: the French State, the Nord-Pas-de-Calais Region and Europe.
  • ADEME (Financing of the Associated Thesis)
  • EDF R&D (Financing of the Associated Thesis)

Coordinators :

  • The Environment and Electrical Systems Research Laboratory (LSEE) (a MEDEE founding member).
  • The Research Cluster MEDEE

Other Major Partners :

  • ThyssenKrupp Electrical Steel (France) (MEDEE member)
  • Green Isolight International (GII) (French SME, MEDEE member)
  • ACEBSA (Spain)
  • UCCS (Solid Catalysis and Chemistry Unit) (France)
  • Roquette
  • Fernand DEGRUGILLIER Professional High School (France)

Period : 2009 – 2012

Budget : €0.5M

Inspired ? Curious ? Any Idea for a possible Phase 2 ? Contact us !

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