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Scientific Watch: latest MEDEE thesis

The LSEE lab (“Environment and Electrical Systems research Laboratory”) (one of the MEDEE founding members) works closely with the industry (here, Rio Tinto and EDF R&D) on electric motors: diagnosis, thermal and energy analysis, optimization, …

Check out the two latest Ph.D theses – both certified and followed by MEDEE – on these subjects :

“Non-invasive methods for fault diagnosis and thermal analysis of salient pole rotor synchronous machines.”

This thesis between EDF R&D and the LSEE lab (both MEDEE members) has been certified by MEDEE.

For his 3 years in the LSEE, Mauricio Cuevas received an award at the MMM Intermag conference in San Diego in January 2016. He will work at the Max-Planck Institute in Germany from January 2018.

Short abstract :

The aim of this work is to develop non-invasive monitoring techniques on rotating electrical machines so that they can be easily implemented in industrial environments. To this end, two independent methods are described in this brief: a diagnosis of electrical failures in alternators connected to the grid and an exploratory study to evaluate the internal temperature of industrial electrical machines.

“Energy analysis, diagnosis and optimization of a fleet of electric motors on industrial sites “

This Ph.D thesis by Mohamed Omar Younsi was supported by the Rio Tinto Alcan aluminium smelter in Dunkerque and the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This work is one of the flagship projects of the cluster MEDEE.

Short abstract :

In the industry, electrical motors are responsible for 67% of electricity consumption. Replacing installed motors by more efficient ones requires the knowledge of their suitability with the loads that they drive. Analyzing the load variations without intrusive measurements or installation consignments is a strong constraint.

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