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Electrification Projects in Africa: MEDEE & the Region involved !

Together with the Hauts-de-France Region, MEDEE supports the “Energies pour l’Afrique” foundation created by Jean-Louis Borloo to develop the electrification of the African continent.

Jean-Louis Borloo, on the 29th June in the Regional Council hemicycle, at the signing of the partnership agreement with the Region


On June the 29th 2017, the region voted a resolution in support of the “Borloo Plan”.
In this context, the Region has asked MEDEE to create a “Hauts-de-France repository” of energy structures and electrification projects in Africa.

The ambition is to position the region on the African energy market.

MEDEE has proposed a twofold action plan that will be implemented as early as this summer :

  •  The creation of a R&D Franco-African center on electricity grids including the training of national electricity companies executives
  •  Bring together Hauts-de-France industrialists wishing to participate in electrification projects in Africa

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