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ETIP SNET : MEDEE members experts

More than 400 applications were sent to join one of the 5 ETIP SNET (European Technology and Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition) working groups (WG). Two MEDEE experts had been selected :

  • Paul Ducasse (MEDEE CEO) in the WG 5 « Innovation implementation in the business environment » who will participate, among others, on behalf of the French association Think Smart Grids
  • Moamar Sayed-Mouchaweh (from the URIA laboratory from the IMT Lille-Douai) in the WG 4 « Digitisation of the electricity system and Customer participation » (and as corresponding members in the WG 1 « Reliable, economic and efficient smart grid system » and 3 « Flexible Generation »)

About the WG 4 « Digitisation of the electricity system and Customer participation »

Work Group 4 addresses the use and impact of the Information and Communication Technologies as a pervasive tool along the entire value chain of the power generation, transportation and use.

The communication layer is one of the pillars of the smart energy system, enabling system observability, monitoring, control and protection, specifically enabling a radical change in the relation between the final user and the energy system. New digital tools (i.e. from smart meters to social networks) linked to Internet of Things will aim to favour Customer participation in all stages of the development and expansion of the energy system thanks to the analysis of big data generated.

The widespread use of digital technologies however needs to be accompanied by suitable measures for data and information protection from malicious intrusions and attacks (cybersecurity) and from uncontrolled use of customers data (data privacy).

More detailed information here

About the  WG 5 « Innovation implementation in the business environment »

Work Group 5 adopts a helicopter view of the activities carried out in the projects within the perimeter of the ETIP about the energy transition in order to :

  • Build homogeneity in the analysis of projects, work done and lessons learned Create a common platform for analysing the progress made with technologies through-out the EU and facilitate their scalability
  • Build a methodology to judge system needs in the energy transition capable of identifying tangible needs for building on progress made and give feedback to the other WGs for populating their R&I needs in the years ahead ;
  • Review the relevant BRIDGE reports that identify the economic, social, technical, legal, etc. barriers which may slow down business model deployment
  • Search for innovative solutions that will maximize the benefits of the innovation process that EU achieves through R&I activities in the area of Energy.

More detailed information here
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