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MANATEE Webinar February 2017


EOMYS has organized a Webinar entitled Noise and vibrations due to magnetic forces in electrical machines – root-cause analysis and mitigation using MANATEE simulation software in February 2017.

The webinar is organized in two parts:

I. Magnetic noise and vibrations phenomena

  1. What is magnetic noise and vibrations ?
  2. Principle of resonance due to Maxwell forces
  3. Noise reduction techniques at design stage (e.g. skewing, slot/pole combinations, current injection)

II. MANATEE electromagnetic & vibroacoustic software

  1. Simulation models
  2. Case study of an induction machine for traction application

The webinar lasts 45 minutes including 15 minutes to answer technical questions at the end.

Fill the form on-line to access the webinar recording (mp4 files) and presentation support (pdf file)

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