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EOMYS presenting a new hybrid method to the EVER 2017

EOMYS (MEDEE member) has submitted to the Ecologic Vehicles and Renewables Energies (EVER) 2017 a paper presenting a methodology to extend the subdomain modeling techniques to interior permanent magnet synchronous machines. Find the paper here.

A methodology using MANATEE software

The principle is to use MANATEE software to FEMM (Finite Element Method Magnetics) automated coupling to calculate the rotor magnetomotive force of a single pole (including saturation of bridges) and use this information to deduce the magnetization characteristics of an equivalent surface magnet. This way, the optimized subdomain model of SPMSM (Surface Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) which includes slotting effects, permanent magnet field and armature field for any winding type can be reused for the fast calculation of IPMSM (Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) airgap flux density.

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