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Powergrid: first projects emerging

POWERGRID Campus LilleA year ago, we announced the Powergrid Campus Lille Project launch. Below are the latest updates:

Reminders :

  • July 2015 : the French State officially accredited PowerGrid Campus Lille as one of the 4 French Energy Systems R&I platforms (the others are Saclay, Grenoble and Nice), each working on different but complementary issues.
  • October 2016 : the 12 PowerGrid partners signed the consortium agreement. They aim at working together on collaborative projects, sharing the results.

Last updates :

  • The first projects are about « introducing power electronics in the grid » and should be « labeled » in 2017.
  • At the same time, the 4 R&I platforms are starting to work on « meta campus » projects


In parallel, some energy companies (coordinated by the French TSO RTE and under the initiative of the MEDEF) invited MEDEE to join an ambitious project called AFRICA GRID. This approach is part of Jean-Louis Borloo initiative, presented in COP21. It aims at increasing the French participation in electrification projects in Africa.

A few months ago, MEDEE signed a partnership agreement with AFRICAGRID. MEDEE will both provide the R&D resources and help mobilizing new industrial players around this project.

In a few weeks, two projects will be submitted to potential financers. MEDEE and the Laboratory of Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics (L2EP) are associated to these projects

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