Wavely use noise as a predicitive maintenance tool by combining acoustic, artificial intelligence and signal processing. Let's make sense of noise !
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Wavely is a compagny specialized in the development of software and hardware solutions in the acoustic field, « the spin off » of the Institute of electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies, laboratory of the CNRS. Installed to Villeneuve d’ Ascq, the company was created in April, 2017.

Its expertise leans on the skills of his founders: Nicolas Côté, PhD in acoustics, specialist of the sound signal processing; Alexis Vlandas, PhD in physical appearance, CNRS researcher ; Marion Aubert, HEC, faculty of political science, business developper.

With its acoustic sensors self-sufficient in energy, at the stage of prototypes, Wavely works on the analysis of the noise to detect anomalies and anticipate dysfunctions industrial equipments, particulary in the detection of leaks.

Its ambition is to develop the use of the acoustics as the tool of predictive maintenance, as a supplement to the solutions of vibratory analysis widely diffused today.