Without thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel products, the energy transition is not feasible
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It is possibly the most underrated material: electrical steel. Nothing less than our electrical energy supply and the success of the energy transition depend on it. Because electrical steel plays a key role wherever electrical energy is efficiently generated, converted and used.

An example, with transformers

The best examples are transformers; they need grain oriented electrical steel (GOES) to be able to function efficiently. Without transformers, we would have no electricity.

Global environmental protection and sustainability of energy resources

thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel produce and sell powercore®, the complete range of high quality  grain oriented electrical steel products,  highly sophisticated high-tech core materials used in power and distribution transformers. We are one of the leading companies in the overall electrical steel business and are always in the move to expand our global market presence as well as improve the technical performance.
With its innovative high-tech powercore® electrical steels, thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel plays a valuable part in meeting the increasing environmental requirements regarding the use of steel in the manufacture of electrical components, thus making a significant contribution to global environmental protection and the sustainability of energy resources.