SETEC énergie environnement

setec energie environnement (35 engineers – 7M€ CA) supports public and private stakeholders in addressing the challenges of energy and environmental transition since 25 years.
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Our strategy is based on innovation and a systemic approach between energy and environment.

setec energie environnement and its subsidiary setec in vivo thus combine cutting-edge expertise on complex energy issues, their field experience in major projects and their global vision of environmental issues to offer project owners an innovative approach to their territories and their equipment.

Independent multi-disciplinary engineering company with wage capital, setec energie environnement works in the areas of strategic studies, new energies, smart grids, heat net-works, environmental assessment, innovative waste collections (pneumatic), treatment and recovery of waste. We developped skills in project management, technical (electricity, civil engineering, …), geographical information system, and BIM 3D modeling.

setec energie environnement has worked in Cap TAMARIN (Mauritius) on a centralized photovoltaic production project coupled with TESLA electrical storage for the smoothing of the electrical load curve of more than 6000 inhabitants.

setec energie environnement is also part of the SunHydrO R & D project to optimize the management of a hydraulic dam operating as a Pumped Energy Transfer Station, in partnership with Sun’R, QOS energy, MHY Lab, OIE, ParisTech bridges school, Eiffage and Clemessy, Climpact-Metnext and ENSTA ParisTech. We have developed tools for real-time management and production forecasting, leading to a decision support system that optimizes EnR + Storage coupling.