A company with 330 employees, SÉOLIS ensures the supply of electricity for about 140 000 customers as well as the supply of gas (propane gas and natural gas). SÉOLIS also acts as an operator of electricity networks on behalf of its subsidiary GÉRÉDIS.
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SÉOLIS was created by the Syndicat Intercommunal d’Energies of Deux-Sèvres (SIEDS) to carry out the electrification of boroughs and villages. Today located in the 303 rural communes of Deux-Sèvres, it contributes to the concerted local development.

SÉOLIS is not a company like the others. Inscribed in the solidarity movement of Local Distribution Companies (ELD), it remains above all an emanation of local elected representatives and is proud to belong to the municipal heritage that supports the economic activity of the department of Deux-Sèvres.

While now evolving into a market economy world, we are and remain more than ever attached to traditional values and the general principles of public service :

  • equality
  • continuity
  • adaptability
  • Transparency vis-à-vis customers and users of the distribution network.