Lucitech conseil

Lucitech conseil is a consulting company specialised in market research for industries and services to industry. Our expertise is focused on exploring new markets, developing products or services in very technical fields and analysing complex markets.
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Context of our missions :

  • Launching innovative products or services on the market
  • Sectorial or geographical diversification
  • Design of new products or services offers
  • Providing strategic marketing recommendations as part of industrial investments

Examples of services :

  • Market research : structure, key actors, segmentation
  • Analysis of customers’ needs and expectations
  • In-depth qualitative survey research
  • Competitor research and analysis
  • Demand analysis and quantitative research
  • Technological state of art

Added value :

  • Adaptation to very sharp technical and industrial fields of activities
  • Structured collection of confidential data and information
  • Access to specialised databases for precise marketing targeting
  • Deep involvement in the risk control of our customers’ projects
  • In-depth reports to turn recommendations into actions

References of industrial sectors :

  • Customers : energy, electricity, metal industry, materials, building and civil engineeringworks, equipment renting, wholesale, scientific and technical associations, institutional.
  • Explored markets : aeronautics, automobile, defence, armaments, steel industry, mechanics, energy efficiency, food-processing industry, health, building materials, special machines, building and civil engineering works, printing industry.

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