ITEC engineering

ITEC engineering combines expertise in electrical, instrumentation and automation studies, with integration capabilities of its solutions into custom-made technical shelters.
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ITEC engineering combines the responsiveness of a medium organization, the expertise of an engineering department specialized in high and low voltage electrical network, the ability of rapid integration of electrical and automation cabinets, the integration of these cabinets in tailor-made technical shelters or converted containers, and finally a team of commissioning engineers with extensive experience in the African market.

We are force of proposal in order to better adjust the technology to deploy according to its real added value for your project.

Our team is able to deploy fully automated solutions, in line with the new technological revolution combining IIOT, connectivity on secured networks, cloud computing, remote control or remote maintenance, and the development of dashboards facilitating the optimization of your installations.

Our “Deep Learning” or artificial intelligence solutions will allow you to get the most out of your installations in terms of efficiency, prediction and preventive maintenance.

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