GREEN Laboratory

GREEN Lab is the only Laboratory of Electrical Engineering in the French region « Grand-Est ». The research activities are focused on electrical energy: conversion, distribution and storage. A specific section on superconductivity and is in the heart of our activities.
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Full name of the laboratory :
Group of Research in Electrical Engineering of Nancy

Year of creation:


Lorraine University


  • Magnetization of pellets by a pulse magnetic field
  • Electric actuators
  • 4t superconducting coil
  • Characterization of semiconductor components
  • Electrical characterization at cryogenic temperatures
  • Ecosur-2
  • Study of magnetic couplings and reducers
  • Ac loss measures
  • Fuel cells
  • Modular platform dedicated to wind energy

Number of employees (end of 2016):

  • Professors: 18 (+ 3 professor assistants)
  • PHDs: 27
  • Post Docs: 2

Headings / Research Departments:

  • Applications of Superconductor in Electrical Engineering
  • Electromechanical energy conversion

Partners (industrial, academic, other):

  • Collaborations with French laboratories: L2EP, CRISMAT, GeePS, SATIE, AMPERE, LSEE, G2eLab, LAPLACE, FCLab, CREA. (Theses in co-direction)
  • National industrial collaborations: Jeumont Electric, S2M-SKF, EADS, DGA, General Electric, SAFT, Valeo, MMT-(Sanceboz), Safran.
  • Academic collaborations with: Algeria, Canada, Germany, Thailand, USA, UK, Iran,…


GREEN Laboratory:

GREEN is a research laboratory that belongs to the University of Lorraine. His research activities focus on electrical energy.  Conversion, management and storage are the three main skills. It is a member of the ICEEL CARNOT Institute based in eastern France.  GREEN is characterized by a strong competence in modelling designs of electrical systems but also their control and diagnosis.

GREEN presents the largest team of professors or Ass. Prof specialized in superconductivity in France. More than twenty years of know-how in the modelling, characterization and use of superconductors in electrical engineering has been accumulated and continues to evolve with strong industrial partnerships.

Modeling skills are mainly focused on local modeling in electromagnetism for magnetic devices such as electrical machines, energy transmission systems or fault detection.

GREEN has expertise in the control of electrical drive systems for different sectors such as energy or transportation systems implemented as part of the energy efficiency of systems or e-mobility.

A strong competence in experimentation is recognized at GREEN through its different platforms and prototypes realized at the Laboratory.

Further information

GREEN maintains a partnership with the industrial world, particularly international companies of transportation systems such as the automotive or aeronautics industries. The production and storage of energy is also part of our partnerships with major groups recognized in the world. Developments around renewable energies are being carried out in partnership with local authorities.