Forma Eltech

Certified experts in the electric and climatic ingeniering field, the trainning organizition Forma Eltech accompanies thousands of professionals each year in their skills improvement process.
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Forma Eltech based in Harnes in the Lens-Lievin Metropolitan Area is a trainning organization which ensures the highest demanding standards in the normative formation fields since more than 10 years.

Our seriousness and our constancy, allied with our efficacy and notorious adaptability bought us the ISO 9001 certification.

Moreover, Forma Eltech is involved in respecting volunteer ISO 20400 and ISO 14001 norms for the responsible purchasing and the environmental protection.

Our core business is historically the regulatory training of the areas of electrical network design, HTA and low voltage power, as well as training in under voltage work. We can also mention electrical safety, work at height, renewable energy and climate engineering.

We also train professionals in the areas of fire risk, the CACES & AIPR for works near the electric and water networks, and also rescuers.

The recent decision to make community of destiny with the company Blue2BGreen completes our training catalog with everything related to renewable energies, micro-wind, electric cars and IRVE (charging facilities for electric vehicles).

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