FL power

Design of low and medium power AC / DC converters, highly miniaturized, highly efficient and competitive

FL POWER offers original and tailor-made solutions to its customers facing volume or yield constraints. FL Power proposes:

  • R&D services (development support)
  • Industrial assistance
  • Supply of final products via an industrial partner specialised in the manufacture of medium power converters.

FL Power Original, Innovative and Competitive Products :

FL POWER develops original products for the conversion of electrical energy, mainly AC / DC from 1 W to 3 kW.

Its designs are very innovative: the architecture of the converters and the use of the most recent components, allow it to combine technicality (volume and output) and price.

FL POWER offers original converters, between 1 W and 200 W, single-stage sinusoidal sampling. These products can be manufactured in France by two of its industrial partners, at competitive prices compared to those of the market.

FL Power’s innovation approach :

At the same time, FL POWER pursues a permanent innovation approach in close cooperation with the Cluster MEDEE and the L2EP laboratory in the 300 W / 3000 W power range :

  • PFC converters dedicated to sinusoidal energy extraction from a single-phase network.
  • Isolated architectures.

All these converters have efficiencies ranging from 97% to 98%.

FL Power devotes 80% of its revenues to R&D.

Products :

  • LEds’ Drivers 10 W / 150 W
  • Converters: DC / DC 10 W / 250 W, BUCK or BOOST.
    AC / DC – 10 kW – 200 A – Non isolated.
  • Batteries chargers 10 W / 300 W.

French Industrial Partners :