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The CRITT M2A automotive research centre specializes in vehicle electrics, turbochargers, engines and NVH (noise, vibration and harshness). Our R&D and metrology departments round out our skillset. Our clients span the automotive, rail, boating and aerospace sectors along with areas of the defence sector.

Applications :

automotive engines (from light vehicles to heavy trucks and F1), rail and aerospace industries. Our roles range from co-contractor or subcontractor to observer in the case of European projects.

Services :

CRITT M2A offers the engineering community — from industry to academics and R&D laboratories — access to proven expertise in internal combustion engines and turbochargers as well as vehicle acoustics and electrics.

Turbo Test Centre

The CRITT M2A Turbo Test Centre is the largest in Europe with :

  • 5 turbo test benches at mass flow rates up to 1 kg/s
  • 5 test benches for engines burning various fuels, including one in an anechoic chamber.

Electrical Test Centre

Our Electrical Test Centre offers capabilities on a European scale, including :

  • 96 single-cell test channels and five battery module channels rated at 500 A.
  • 3 reverberation chambers and a roller-type dynamometer in a semi-anechoic chamber (background noise level: 15 dB).

Clients and partners

CRITT M2A seeks new clients and partners in industry and academia :

  • Requiring access to test facilities to conduct their own tests or to state-of-the-art expertise to help refine, consolidate or validate their procedures or modelling.
  • Aiming at developing prototypes or test protocols or, alternatively, to outsource, consolidate or expand their test capabilities to new techniques and technologies.

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