Basis Electronique de Puissance (Power Electronics) (Basis EP) designs and manufactures power converters for any high power application in many fields.
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Basis is an international specialist with an experienced team of engineers in the power electronics field.

Basis designs and manufactures :

  • Power converters and systems involved in power conversion
  • Special customized and “on-demand” developments

Our converters are designed and manufactured according to our clients’ needs in electrolysis systems, particles accelerators in research laboratories for high accuracy converters (+/- 5ppm over 24h) or military applications for marine embedded or at berth converters.

The control of high transient currents is well achieved for the design of pulsed generators. Currents and voltages everyday managed can be extended respectively to 100kA continuous and 100kV.

Redresseur 25MVA – 33kA/550V

Basis specialization relies on:

  • CHigh current rectifiers from 10A to 100kA
  • High voltage: 1V to 90kVDC
  • AC or DC power supplies with very high accuracy and stability up to 5ppm
  • Converters with high levels of integration and / or container
  • Special inverters with current reversibility for special applications.
  • Test-benches for special process (TWT – RF tubes test benches)
  • Electronics development dedicated to analogic or digital controller

Some few innovations :

  • 25MVA high accuracy converter for High magnetic field magnet (33KA-few ppm)
  • 65kA rectifier for mining activity
  • High Voltage (60kV) converter for space or military application.

Partners and clients : Thales, Renault, Leonardo, Areva, SID, CEA, CNRS, Rio Tinto Alcan, CNES, TEL-SAT, …