Machinery and Innovative Electrical Systems

picto-axe-machinesElectric machines are high performance actuators for industry and transport systems. Their sizes vary greatly: from the few grams watch actuator to the power plant alternator that weighs several hundred tons, passing through electrical network transformers. The flexibility of their use and their high efficiency confer to electrical machines large advantages for many applications suitable for the energetic transition of the society (electric vehicles, more electric aircraft, renewable energy, home automation…). The research works are aimed at developing innovations that widen the electrical machines applications scope and improve their effficiency.

Illustration machines systèmes électriques innovantsResearch topics :

  • Design of high dependability multiphase machines that accept degraded oprtating modes.
  • Definition of Electrical Insulation Systems able to work permanently at high temperatures ans able to withstand high magnitude thermal shocks.
  • Very compact machine design with high internal temperature gradients with a more efficient diphasic cooling system.
  • Estimation of the lifetime of machines fed by SiC or GaN converters which impose very steep voltage fronts and design of ordered coil free of partial discharges.
  • Development of compact transformers, able to work at high frequency for electronic converters of smart grid nodes.

Some of our industrial partners involved :

Safran, Thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel, Valeo, Jeumont Electric, Securelec, Alstom

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