Our network

European Technology & Innovation Platforms for Smart Networks for Energy Transition
The ETIP SNET aims to allow all energy customers and market actors to rely on optimally integrated networks, systems and markets, through guiding Europe's Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) policy.
Joint laboratory at the University of Science and Technology of Lille (University Lille 1), HEI, Ecole Centrale de Lille and Arts et Métiers Paris Tech Center of Lille. This laboratory is led by Miss Betty Semail
The researches of EESL are focused on the constitutive parts of electrical machines and transformers in order to increase their environmental performances : efficiency, aging, acoustic and vibratory behavior.
The EPM Lab platform is led by the L2EP laboratory.
It aims at implementing a powerful experimental tool to study the new devices and new behaviors of electrical networks.
Since 2006, EDF R & D and L2EP have joined forces in a joint laboratory: the LAMEL (Advanced Laboratory for Modeling Electrical Equipment). It brings together the Modeling team and the modeling team in electromagnetism of EDF R & D.
Laboratoire GeePs (Génie électrique et électronique de Paris ou Group of electrical engineering, Paris)
The GeePs laboratory (Paris Electrical and Electronics Engineering or Group of Electrical Engineering, Paris) comprises a staff of approximately 100 people. Its tutors are the C.N.R.S., CentraleSupelec, the universities Paris-Sud and UPMC.