Our network

Wind Maker develops a wind energy technology using the air flow generated by the passage of vehicles and natural wind.
VERTPOM® : Multifluid Smart Grid for a modular, green and positive Energy to decarbonized
DRIVECO develops, installs and operates charging solutions for all types and models of electric and hybrid vehicles.
ITEC engineering combines expertise in electrical, instrumentation and automation studies, with integration capabilities of its solutions into custom-made technical shelters.
Wavely use noise as a predicitive maintenance tool by combining acoustic, artificial intelligence and signal processing. Let's make sense of noise !
Centum Adetel Transportation Solution offers innovating energy conversion and storage solutions and systems for the transportation industry, particularly railways.
setec energie environnement (35 engineers – 7M€ CA) supports public and private stakeholders in addressing the challenges of energy and environmental transition since 25 years.
Basis Electronique de Puissance (Power Electronics) (Basis EP) designs and manufactures power converters for any high power application in many fields.
Magnax is the developer of a new generation electric motors and direct-drive generators, based on axial flux technology.