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logo-medee-englishCluster MEDEE (Motors and Electrical Devices for Energy Efficiency) is a professional and scientific cluster in electrical engineering in industry. It gathers companies (from SMEs to large groups) and laboratories around collaborative R&D projects.Relying on its members, MEDEE bridges the gap between two worlds: the research and the industry. The MEDEE activities are from the conception of electrical components to their optimization and the smart grid management.MEDEE is supported by public authorities (especially the Nord of France Region) ensuring a balance between State and private funding.

Our members are European and bring together companies, universities, laboratories and institutional members.

Our areas/specializations :

MEDEE has developed a research partnership and is committed to the development of technological innovations in the field of electric basic components and (large) electrical systems in order to increase their performance on :

  • The machines themselves (motors, alternators, transformers, etc.)
  • Their steering and regulation systems
  • The systems in which they are operated (grids, factories, etc.)

Target markets :

These fields are transversal and concern many industrial sectors, making MEDEE a reference contributor to many clusters. At the request of industrial partners, we privilege the following fields of application :

  • Wind Power Production
  • Electrical / more electrical / electrified Transportation: rail, air, marine, electrical vehicle, etc.
  • Electrical efficiency of industrial processes
  • Electrical distribution network management (smart grids / PowerGrid Campus)

We focus on priority key technologies (KET): high efficiency motor, variable speed drives, intelligent components, etc.

Our goal :

to be the companies’ partner in their technological and commercial projects by supporting them in designing high added value products and systems.

How ?

  • High level scientific and technical experts used to work with industrialists and specialists in our target markets
  • First class infrastructures and equipments (acquired through Public-Private Partnerships representing several million €): real-time power system simulators, thermal analysis of electrical machines, etc.
  • Cutting edge software platforms : in electrical, thermal and mechanical modeling dedicated to multi-criteria optimization, electrical systems design, complex systems simulation and smart systems development, etc.
  • Business intelligence keeping you updated about technological and scientific evolutions in several key sectors and emerging markets around the world.
  • Project management : MEDEE is able to help you carrying out from the simplest project (few weeks/months) to major multi-year projects including industrial leaders in several key sectors (EDF, ALSTOM TRANSPORT, SAFRAN, THYSSEN KRUP ELECTRICAL STEEL, JEUMONT ELECTRIC, MAIA EOLIS, etc.). We manage public funding and design original and competitive solutions (local, national and European solutions such as Horizon2020, European Regional Development Fund, etc.) thanks to our national and international skills network.
  • Communication and networking services : through events, meetings, conferences and the MEDEE media: website (14,000 visitors/year), newsletters (1,100 recipients), LinkedIn group, web TV, etc.

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